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Beginning of this website

16-07- 2003 - I've created this as my attempt to do some web pages. I hope it will grow more bigger and more interesting in the future.

Concept has been made!

18-07- 2003 - Work on basic concept of the web has been completed!


20-07- 2003 - I have updated this section. Enjoy.

Update of Spiritual Part

22-07- 2003 - I have updated Spiritual Part of this web.


19-09- 2003 - Holidays are gone, so I've returned back. I hope you all, who had holidays enjoyed them and that everyone returned with full health back to work.

I've also updated this section of web, so if you want, check Photos, you can see a few photos here. (In time there will be more, I guess.)


20-09- 2003 - I have created a guestbook for you. Enjoy.

New photos

14-01- 2004 -New photos added. Now you can take a look how I look like as a Jedi. ;)

Finally update!

18-07- 2005 - After VERY LONG time I finally got back my login to my webhosting (yeah, I forgot password and login, (silly me.) so I plan update my little home a bit. Stay tooned.



Website Intro:

Website is under construction. Even myself I don't know what it will become in the future, but I hope you will enjoy your stay here.

First of all please visit section "Visitor Info", there are things you should know before reading this website. Thank you.

Welcome to my homepage, in my world, where everything is possible.

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